Licensed Creche:
For children’s homes in Haiti to be able to preform an adoption, they must be a licensed creche. We received our license in September 2014.

Haiti doesn’t allow pre-identified adoptions anymore. It is prohibited under the new law. This means that families cannot request to adopt a specific child when their dossier is submitted to the IBESR. The Agape House can submit a child’s paperwork to the IBESR as a suggested referral for a family but we cannot guarantee that the IBESR will match your family with this child.

Partnering Adoption Agencies
To complete an adoption, you must use an adoption agency that has been licensed by the country of Haiti. We have chosen to partner with America World Adoption Agency and Lifeline Children Services. If you are interested in the adoption process please feel free to use the links below to be connected with their websites where you will be able to gather more information.