At different ages and in different corners of the world, God placed the same passion and mission in both of our hearts. That passion is to love and serve the Lord by loving and serving His people in Haiti. Little did either of us know, the Lord was calling and preparing the perfect partner for each of us and that He would one day unite our paths in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Byambison was born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He attended primary school in Cite Soleil across the street from the neighborhood where he and his family lived. His school was located on the grounds of a Christian non-profit that hosted teams of American volunteers. While attending school and seeing these teams arrive to serve his community, Byambison fostered an interest in the English language. As a teenager he attended English school and acquired a skill that would unwittingly lead him head-first into international ministry. Throughout his teenage years, the Gospel was continually impressed into his heart and mind, and at the age of fifteen, Byambison personally became a follower of Jesus. After high school, he began studying computer science with no intention of entering full-time ministry. However, as is often the case, God had a different plan and one year later Byambison transitioned into Bible college. It was through studying the Bible and growing in his relationship with the Lord, that God began revealing to him the gift and purpose He has for Byambison. As his heart became increasingly malleable to God’s plan for him in ministry, Byambison assumed the responsibility of youth program director at his home church for the following three years. In January of 2010, Haiti experienced the deadly earthquake that devastated the nation’s capital and left thousands in physical ruin. Byambison set aside his studies as a university student and began working full-time for the same ministry that had supported his primary education. It was that same year, merely three months post-earthquake, that Byambison walked into the ministry’s guesthouse hosting American teams and saw what he playfully claims to be an “angel”. In actuality, it was the girl who, unbeknownst to either of them, would later become his wife. Although Byambison met his future wife early in his ministry, God had more for him to do before uniting them in marriage. Over the course of the next two years, he served alongside Haitian and American volunteers in Terre Noire and surrounding areas to bring physical and spiritual relief to local people. In 2012 God provided the opportunity for Byambison to complete his undergraduate and graduate studies in the United States. In 2015 he graduated with his Master of Divinity in Theological Studies from Cincinnati Christian University and returned to Haiti with a renewed drive to continue the work with which God had entrusted him. For the next three years Byambison directed a mission, working alongside youth and children leaders, pastors, and deacons to provide discipleship training for the Kingdom of God. During this time, God reunited the path of Byambison with that of Morgan, the girl he met in 2010. Their love and relationship grew quickly from that of close friends, and after what felt like a lifetime of waiting, Byambison and Morgan became husband and wife on June 30th, 2018. Their first year of marriage was filled with many wonderful firsts, including Byambison’s ordination into ministry by Ridgecrest Baptist Church and their preparation to move to Haiti as a husband and wife duo.

Morgan is a North Carolina girl, born and raised in Durham with her parents and two brothers. She grew up with stories and pictures of Haiti as her home church, Ridgecrest Baptist, became heavily involved in a Christian non-profit based out of Port-au-Prince. With little tastes of Haiti in the form of pictures, coffee bean necklaces, and beautifully hand-carved boxes brought home by her dad, Morgan’s intrigue by the country and people grew year by year. In 2009, her dad boarded she and her mom on a Haiti-bound plane with a team from Ridgecrest. In her fourteen-year-old mind, Morgan saw the one-week trip as an opportunity to serve, visit a place she had heard so much about, and then return to life as normal in the States. She would later discover, however, that she had hugely underestimated the significance of that week. In the midst of seven sweaty days, God began changing Morgan’s heart and showing her pieces of the plans He has in store for her life. Her relationship with the Lord began to flourish that week, as it never had before, as she witnessed firsthand pure faith and joy in the Lord at work in the people around her. She boarded the plane back home, heart wrecked and cheeks stained with tears, but with a certainty that God was calling her back to serve Him in Haiti long-term. Each year thereafter, Morgan waited with bated breath to return to Haiti and the people who had captured her heart. In 2010, she met a certain young man who would not just capture her heart but would also become her best friend and husband (spoiler alert, it was Byambison!) Between her trips to Haiti, Morgan continued with her studies and felt a tug towards the nursing profession as a tool God would use in her life serving in Haiti. In 2016, one year prior to graduating nursing school at UNC- Chapel Hill, Morgan received a message from her old friend Byambison, and the two never looked back. She wrapped up college and nursing school and flew to Haiti to volunteer in Onaville Community Health Center. During her internship with the medical clinic, she learned hard lessons about healthcare in Haiti and the harsh reality so many face with limited access to care. This experience served to further ignite a passion that God had implanted in her heart years prior, that being to bring high-quality healthcare and the Good News of the Gospel to folks who have limited access in Haiti. She returned to NC where she worked as a nurse at Duke Hospital, further developing her skills in order to return to Haiti with more knowledge and experience.

On July 4th, 2019 Byambison and Morgan moved to Haiti and began their roles as in-country directors for TWCH. They jointly oversee the functioning of the Agape House and relish the opportunity they have to enjoy life with and spiritually mentor these fourteen kids. Another of Byambison’s focal points lies in training local pastors and church leaders while creating programs that target the spiritual health and growth of their churches. The goal of these trainings is to equip church leaders to disciple their members upon the foundation of the Bible and to foster their knowledge and understanding of Biblical teachings. Through these trainings, leaders are grown to direct various departments in the church, such as children and youth ministries, Sunday school, and evangelism. Morgan also focuses on developing long-term healthcare programs to treat both acute and chronic illnesses in local communities, as well as discipling those to whom care is provided. Living among these communities allows for maintenance of chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension, and follow-up on patients who are seen by short-term medical teams to ensure continuity of care. Another area of great importance is public health education on topics of preventable disease, as many communities often fall prey to illnesses that can be completely avoided with proper attention.

Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude at our God’s goodness and grace toward us. We are overwhelmed that He is choosing and allowing us to extend His love to people in Haiti, and it is a gift and responsibility that we treat with great care. We are daily reminded that God has entrusted us with much as partakers in His gift of Salvation, and that because of this, we are responsible for sharing the news of what Jesus Christ has done on our behalf.

As we live this next chapter God has written for us, we ask that you pray and partner alongside us. Pray for our hearts to draw nearer to Jesus each day. Pray for our marriage to be fortified in the daily grind of life overseas. Pray for God’s glory to be revealed despite our many shortcomings as humans seeking to demonstrate His grace. Pray for courageous spirits as we face spiritual warfare and tread unfamiliar territory in the mountains. Pray for inexplicable peace on the tough days when our efforts feel fruitless and when we are tempted to forget the gift God has placed before us. We thank the Lord for this opportunity to serve alongside you all, and we so look forward to seeing all God will accomplish in our beloved Haiti.